Syringe Barrels

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1cc Syringe Barrel length is 11/4” or 4.6cm. Please note this is the Syringe Barrel only. A Tail Piece, Needle, Rubber Plunger and Cap-Chur Charge are required to make the Barrel operate as a Complete Syringe.



Lengths of the Syringe do not include the Nose Plug and Needle or the Tail Piece

1cc Syringe Barrel 11/4” or 4.6cm

2cc Syringe Barrel 23/16” or 5.7cm

3cc Syringe Barrel 25/8” or 6.7cm

4cc Syringe Barrel 31/8” or 7.8cm

5cc Syringe Barrel 31/2” or 8.9cm

7cc Syringe Barrel 45/16” or 11.1cm

10cc Syringe Barrel 59/16” or 14.1cm

15cc Syringe Barrel 8” or 20.3cm

20cc Syringe Barrel 9-15/16″ or 25.1cm

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2 in

1cc Syringe Barrel, 2cc Syringe Barrel, 3cc Syringe Barrel, 4cc Syringe Barrel, 5cc Syringe Barrel, 7cc Syringe Barrel, 10cc Syringe Barrel, 15cc Syringe Barrel, 20cc Syringe Barrel


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