Product Help & FAQs

  • Which is better for me, a CO2 powered Projector (Long, Mid & Short Range) or a .22 Caliber Cartridge Powered Projector (Extra Long Range)?

    Answer: There are several issues you must consider in making this decision. 1) Weather is the most critical. Weather affects the CO2 powered Projectors much more than it does the Cartridge fired Projector. Cold weather decreases power and CO2 life, while hot weather increases power and CO2 life. 2) CO2 powered Projectors require more Care. They must be stored with CO2 gas in them (‘Under Pressure’) to keep the Seals and O-rings from going bad. 3) The Cost of purchase and operation is higher in the Cartridge fired Projector. 4) The Consistency of the CO2 powered Projectors is not as good due to the nature of CO2. Depending on the weather and type of CO2 Projector, you could get as many as 20- 30 shots before you need to recharge the Projector. With a CO2 Projector, each time it is fired it looses gas and therefore a little power. With Cartridge fired Projectors, you only use a Power Load once. Therefore, each shot is pretty much the same.
  • Should I buy a Pistol Type Projector (Mid & Short Range) or a Rifle Type Projector (Extra Long & Long Range)?

    Answer: The Pistol Projectors are: 1) Easier to Carry on an ATV or on horseback, 2) Easier to Shoot from the inside of vehicle, 3) Easier to hide from animal view, & 4) More convenient (you can put your whole kit in a small bag). The Pistol Projectors also have different power settings. This is an advantage if you have to shoot multiple ranges or if you need to make a quick distance adjustment. The Rifle Projectors are a better choice if you are consistently firing at longer distances (see Distance Charts pg. 20-25) or if you are more comfortable with a Rifle than you are with a Pistol.
  • Is the Rifle Type Projector (Extra Long & Long Range) more accurate than a Pistol Type Projector (Mid & Short Range)?

    Answer: There are very few differences between the Pistol Type Projectors and the Rifle Type Projectors when they are shot from the range they are made to work from (see Distance Charts pg. 20-25). The major factor in accuracy is simply that some people just don’t shoot a Pistol as well as they do a Rifle.
  • Should I buy Mid-Range (MR) or Short Range (SR) CO2 Powered Projector?

    Answer: The Mid Range has a longer Barrel. Therefore, 10cc, 15cc & 20cc syringe Barrels will not stick out the end of the Barrel of the MR, but will on the SR. The MR will get more shots per charge because it has 2 CO2 Gaspaks while the SR has only one. The MR on full power has almost same range as LR. A stock extension can be mounted on a MR to make it into a 17-inch rifle. You can also mount a scope on a MR. The SR can be more easily concealed and is less costly to purchase and operate.
  • If I have a Rifle Type Projector (Extra Long & Long Range) and want a Pistol Type Projector (Mid & Short Range) will my syringes work in the pistol?

    Answer: Any Cap-Chur Syringe will work in any Projector we make.
  • Do the Projectors make a lot of ‘Noise’?

    Answer: The ELR, LR, SR & MR Projectors are all very quiet when shot. The Mid-Range is the most quiet of all the projectors. In most cases with the motor running of a pick-up or ATV they cannot be heard.